A mug of Hot Chocolate a day….helps fight MS fatigue.

OK now really when someone said to me that hot chocolate could help fight my MS my first thoughts were of the hot sultry relaxing group who I used to listen too years ago…yes if your my age you might remember them, Hot Chocolate. They could help me get over my MS any day lol.

The original lineup. The amazing Hot Chocolate band.
It started with a Kiss

Oh those were the days. Hot Chocolate and much less calories…..

So now researchers have come up with a small group of people who have tested the theory which seems to be for the idea. One cup of high flavonoid hot chocolate a day may help keep the old MS fatigue at bay.

Really could it only be that easy I think to myself. So its off to Amazon to do some serious Hot Chocolate purchasing to test out this theory. Anyone want to join me?

I decided after some research to go with Green & Blacks as their coco content is 97%. I am making my coco with coconut milk as I hate dairy milk. So I will see how I get on. Its a bit errrrr strong so added a bit of sugar.

I am thinking if it helps MS fatigue then why not all types of fatigue for others suffering with Fibromyalgia, M.E. CFS the list is endless.

If you want to read about it well it explains it here.

Bottoms up…….. chin chin and all that let the calories begin and the fatigue diminish………….

Bottoms Up, who knows after two weeks of drinking hot chocolate I too may be able to do a hand stand.

So who is with me on this challenge…………………………


3 thoughts on “A mug of Hot Chocolate a day….helps fight MS fatigue.”

  1. This is the tasty research I posted about so I’m already a participant in this particular challenge. Already had my afternoon hot chocolate (drink, not music) fix 😉
    Bottoms up, let the hot chocolate work its magic! xx


    1. Oh i saw it on MS group made me giggle. I wonder does it have to be hot chocolate. I love a certain brand of dark chocolate bar which is really high in cocoa and i eat that occasionally. I am struggling with the drink to be honest as its very tart lol. any advise on how to get it down? I dont want to be lading it with sugar kind of defeats the object. Have you noticed a difference?


  2. I LOVE a hot cup of cocoa. It does kind of relax me. It also gives me a calming feeling. Does not tire me out just seems to give me a little peace. It also tends ro give me some energy to get moving some. Try it ! Almost every morning I have a cup. ! There r also medications that can be very helpful with MS fatigue.

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