Quick Quote : Letting Go To Move Forward

We’ve all experienced difficult times and painful events. Moving forwards and healing means processing what’s happened and learning to be at peace with it, whether that means learning from it, forgiving someone who’s harmed us,…

Source: Quick Quote : Letting Go To Move Forward


4 thoughts on “Quick Quote : Letting Go To Move Forward”

    1. I believe we must TRY to move forward with MS . It is somewhat difficult because our symptoms may vary day to day . Some days it is very hard to be at PEACE with it because of the pain. Yes we can and we have to accept it because we can not change it. There is no one to forgive for me having MS. It is still not known how exactly and why it happens. But I excepted my diagnosis over 25 years ago and just live my life the best I can I dont blame anyone especially myself. !

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